By Tamara Glasner

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There are many sounds that come from a home. Sounds of laughter and love. Sounds of joy and peace. Sounds of closeness and trust. Or, alternately, sounds of strife, anger, and hurt. Though you may not know it, you have the power to control what sort of music comes out of your house. And it is as simple as choosing whether to be thankful or not.

Sharp tones are softened by thankfulness. A thankful heart does not express meanness, criticism, or harshness.

A thankful heart sounds like peace, acceptance, love, and kindness.

Who wants to live in…

By Tamara Glasner

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I’d like to encourage you to take a little more time right now to focus on those under your roof. You can not believe the power of looking at your loved ones in the eye as they are talking, putting your phone in a “time out zone,” and remembering that your spouse, siblings, children, or roommates matter more than the normal go-to distraction.

At a time when more of us are at home together than ever before, taking more time to care for one another is more important than ever before. These are the days that can…

Tamara and Lawrence Glasner

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I think we all might feel “isolated” at one time or another in marriage. Misunderstandings lead to feeling unheard and alone. Sometimes, we consciously or unconsciously leave our partner out, out of our activities, out of our other friendships, and out of our daily lives. We don’t tell them what happened at work. We don’t include them in our leisure activities. We spend our lives completely isolated from one another, living separate lives, side by side. …

Diane Arnold

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The irony of what is happening in the world around us should not be lost. We are over run with trepidation, anxiety, and fear — at the time everyone is striving for the opposite. Most of us will go to extreme lengths to experience some rest, safety and peace.

Everyone wants to experience peace. Whether you are a government leader sitting across from people from a different political party with a different agenda, or a businessman facing the uncertainty of the economy or financial pressures of a shut-down business we want a break from reality. You might be…

Tamara Glasner

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A few years ago, I found myself trying, once again, not to wake my husband by my tossing and turning. I had been gripped by fear for the millionth time over different things. This was another one of those nights, and on this night, I was panicked over the safety of one of my children. I had no peace! And sleep was the last thing on my mind.

After one hour turned into two hours, and two hours to three, I started to call out to the Lord. Interestingly, I wasn’t praying over my child. Rather, I was…

Tamara Glasner

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Resilience: An ability to recover from or adjust easily to change or misfortune.

Our family went to Forest Home Family Camp summer after summer as our girls were growing up. The camp was one of our favorite family memories, as we all had incredible times with each other and also with God during communal times of worship, hiking, swimming in the lake, and flying down the zipline. Every summer we came back changed, restored, and ready for the year ahead. But there was one year that had a bigger impact than the others.

Every family was tasked with creating words to go with each letter of their last name that would…

Lawrence Glasner

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My brothers and I grew up in an emotionally and physically volatile home. Rules changed on a whim and often. You never knew when you might get smacked, screamed at, or ordered away from the dinner table to solitary confinement without good cause. Not that there is ever a good cause to strike, yell at, or isolate anyone in anger, children in particular.

With shifting rules and double standards enforced by outbursts of anger, I grew up longing for absolutes, justice, kindness, and tranquility. …

Diane Arnold

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The increasing chaos we see in the world today and more even in our own neighborhoods can make us feel like we are constantly living on edge. The news, our government officials and even advertisements can use fear and the state of angst in the world for their own benefit. Please understand we are not saying that there are not real dangers and issues. However, what we are saying is living in a constant anxious state can be equally dangerous.

COVID19 infection counts, mass shootings, threats of war, violence, extreme acts of nature, even shortages of every day…

Jessica Glasner

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As of today, we have been without electricity for 6 days.

It began last Tuesday around midnight. There was a loud banging noise, and then the lights flickered ominously once or twice, and then the silence desceneded. No gentle hum of the heater. No buzz of the refrigerator. It was dead quiet, except for the occasional crack of trees falling over, unable to withstand the weight of the snow or the plummeting temperatures.

We awoke the next morning to 13 inches of snow, more snow than this neck of the woods has seen in over 50 years. The…

Part 1 of Not Many Fathers

By Lawrence Glasner

When I was a kid in the 1960s, one in ten children grew up in a home without a dad. Today, it’s four in ten.

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Family law judges routinely grant the mother primary custody in divorce litigation. And greater than fifty percent of Millennial births are to unwed mothers, many of whom become single mothers because they don’t want to raise their children with the biological father.

Everywhere you look there are families ruptured by bitterness, splits, moral corruption, physical and emotional abandonment, and every form of abuse caused by fatherlessness…

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